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WELCOME to the

whipperSNAPS blog!

Super excited to be launching our new blog and all that comes with newborn, children's and family Portraiture.

This year is going to be amazing!

So much happening in 2016!

We will keep you posted with updates, photos, news stories and all the tips, tricks and quips needed to help you with your own family portraits!

As per the new years resolutions, and the obvious, get fit, eat healthier, work harder, yadda-yadda!

I decided this year I would be more proactive in making sure I printed out more of my own personal photos and made more memory books of the exciting events of my life!

There is always so much happening around us andwe are so often there to capture this moment, but where does that memory end up? ON YOUR COMPUTER or IN A HARD DRIVE SOMEWHERE where you never look at it!

This year my resolution number one is;

1) Make more prints and books

I spend my life doing this for other people and documenting their wonderful moments, but seldom make the time for my own.

Even those funny moments you capture on your camera phone - there was a reason you snapped that, so why not keep that memory and put it into a book!

There is no reason you cant have a book full of your funny snapshots throughout the month or use it as a visual diary from the photos taken to remind you to do something?

Why not give it a go!

whipperSNAPS can help with all of your books, prints and any other photographic needs so please just ask. Always happy to help!


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