I am completely BOWLED OVER by your beautiful photos- thank u so much- best money I ever spent and so grateful! I usually hate all photos of me but love the ones u took of us both. Thank you again 

-Mimi, 2017

Thank you soooo much for today! You're truly fantastic with the children, they've been asking for you ever since!  

- Kryszia, 2017

BRILLIANT PICS! Lisa and I thrilled showing whole nursery! 

- Alice, 2017

Hannah’s class photo is great, her grandparents will be absolutely thrilled!

- Rosanna, 2017


Chloe you're the best. The photo album is awesome. And it's so great to have the USB too! Thank you sooo much.

- Roxanne, 2017

Oh Chloe. The photos are absolutely AMAZING. We've just been looking through and I was seriously nearly crying. You are the most incredible pro photographer in the whole world. Such brilliant shots, - completely love them. Those cheeky monkeys! Thank you so much!!!! 

- Katrina, 2016

 Chloe is especially good at putting her subjects at ease. Her gentle nature is evident in her work, creating timeless, natural portraits.

- Emily, 2105


WOW Thank you so much I completely love the pictures you sent through! I couldn't be more thrilled and so pleased we have

finally had some pics taken as a family

- K.B 2015