My Story...


As a Family Portrait Photographer and Mother,

I understand the importance of that perfect family shot!

 I didn't really get it when Mum used to roll her eyes and say "...there's always one..." 

referring to the stupid faces one of my three siblings or I was pulling, whilst trying to take a family snap.

Becoming a mother has made me realise even more than ever the importance of capturing those memories and keeping them.

To capture that moment in time, when everyone is together is something so rare and so special in any parent's eyes. 

Children grow up so quickly, and those special moments are so precious for such a short space of time.

Its all very well to say we can take a selfie of us all in the park, or on holiday

but it is the persistence of the professional to capture that moment when everyone is looking the same way, smiling

and enjoying that moment of togetherness, that makes stunning family portraits.

Where I used to keep banks and banks of digital images, it has become more apparent to me; the importance of printing.

Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed on walls and in books and not hidden away on hard drives in cupboards!

Whilst glossed over and then lost on a screen, in the right frame, in pride of place at home, they come alive! 

I look back at both of my daughters' newborn photos and see the most beautiful images of an extraordinary time. 

 Their many milestones along the way, frozen in time, have brought us so much happiness.

Every day I look at these images on the walls in our home and remind myself of our beautiful family and how it continues to grow and flourish, as well as a visual understanding for my daughters who see themselves in these pictures and know how much they are loved.

As your photographer, I want to be able to share my time with you and create beautiful family portraits

that you can be proud of and display all over your walls at home.

Applying everything I have learned over the years, I am able to capture baby’s very first days or your toddler taking her first steps, both of which are key moments for parents to cherish. Being able to catch such special moments has given me a profound respect for the power of a really great photograph.

It is these moments, and watching others enjoy those moments, that make me get out of bed every day to do what I do. The joy I see on my clients faces when they receive their images, prints or albums, and the kind words that follow in emails is why I became a family portrait photographer.

Family is so important to me - I hope can share my passion with you. 


I cant wait to hear from you!