When not photographing children and families,

Chloe is found here teaching photography on Soulfood London,

Photography and Yoga retreats in Europe.

Soulfood London is a travel and lifestyle brand that brings together travel, health, fitness and creativity.

We create outstanding experiences in the most beautiful locations, both around the world and close to home in the U.K.



The Soulfood London website also serves as a platform to promote and discuss topics associated with health, well-being, nutrition, travel and photography, offering an extensive knowledge base of materials, advice and tutorials.

We strive to become the go-to brand in the wellness sector – particularly for organising, creating and executing luxury, healthy and creative retreats and events involving, but not limited to, photography, nutrition, yoga, surfing, hiking, kayaking, horse riding, and mountain biking; and to provide a physical space in London, which will serve as our HQ, urban retreat space, cafe and gallery. *WATCH THIS SPACE



We partner with the world's leading boutique hideaways and escapes and search for the most beautiful, yet accessible locations, to ensure you have the best experience possible.

For more information or to book on to one of our retreats please visit

Or email

We look forward to having you on board! seen in....

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